ASTA Research and Consultancy

With our well-experienced experts and global fellow in various domains, ASTA Research Center Offers the best services to government and non-government in conducting research in various fields and assisting in methodology and data collection and analysis.

Capacity building

ASTA Research Center provides a capacity program that aims to support individuals, universities, and organizations to develop and strengthen their research skills. Our Capacity Building initiatives support researchers, consultants, universities, and organizations to develop research skills that complement their research expertise, ultimately enabling them to undertake and disseminate high-quality research efficiently, effectively, and with increasing independence.


ASTA Research Center Provide Training on:
Statistical software; SPSS, Eview, GIS, SAG, STATA, Smart-PLS,…
Reference Management; Mendeley, and Endnote
Web design, web and app development, digital markteting, ...


ASTA provides several workshops to provide specific important knowledge and practical skills. Our workshops target individual who wants to develop their knowledge and skills in a particular subject. This workshop is conducted in the collaboration with our partners.

Seminar and conference

ASTA conducted both seminars and conferences at national and international to invite speakers from different fields across the globe to share insight

Guest and visiting lecturer

Guest and Visiting lecturer ASTA Research Center invites lecturers to give a general lecture at any of our partner higher education institutions or to stay as visiting lecturers during certain periods.

Our partners